Viewpoints: My {Holland, Michigan} View

Well it's certainly been awhile but I'm back to share a Viewpoints blog post with some of my very favorite photographers.  I've had many adventures since I last posted in May so it was hard to choose which view to share.  Since the leaves are falling and we've officially said goodbye to sumer, I decided to return to some images from a Lake Michigan sunset one August night when I was visiting Holland, Michigan.  A dear friend and I met for dinner and then made our way to the beach to soak in the beauty of Lake Michigan.  The first thing we captured was the lighthouse.  I love how the red color makes it stand out in the scene.

As the sun began to sink beneath the horizon, I was able to capture a starburst among the wispy clouds. 

The pink color that appeared in the sky after the sun sank beneath the horizon was beautiful.

And once the sun had gone, I turned to capture a different angle resulting in a simple image yet one of my favorite captures from the evening.

Seascapes are so relaxing and I am looking forward to capturing more in 2017.  Don't forget to follow the circle to see some amazing imagery!  My friend Kathy Roberts who I finally met in person is up next!  Click here to see her view for the month of October.