Viewpoints: My {Vail Valley} View

After a month off, I'm back in action participating in the Viewpoints blog circle.  During the month of August, my family took a vacation to Vail Valley in Colorado.  It was absolutely wonderful and I was reminded how incredibly peaceful the mountains can be.  I spent the week soaking in the fabulous views.  Mid-week my eleven year old son turned to my husband and I and asked "WHY do we live in Illinois??".  Illinois can definitely be beautiful but there is just something about the mountains that can't be replicated.  We spent the week doing lots of outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding.  And the benefit of staying at a ski resort is that you can take the gondola to the top of the mountain for some amazing views without climbing a mountain at high altitudes with young children in tow.  I took many, many images and am still working through editing some of them.  But I am pleased to share some of my favorites here.


We stayed on Beaver Creek Mountain and I had fun shooting the village and the valley below.

Don't forget to follow the circle around to see more beautiful landscapes!  The talented Lindsey Pedey of Lindsey Pedey Photography is up next!  I know she lives out west and has some beautiful scenery around her.  Click here to see her viewpoint this month.